Exploring English through Psychology

PsychLingo is a monthly magazine aimed at students and anyone interested in psychology and psychology vocabulary 

The publication helps readers improve their understanding of specialised terminology used in various English psychological publications.

The magazine contains a wide range of articles on various psychological topics, including entertainment pages that offer light and humorous material. In addition, PsychLingo provides an extensive glossary and various exercises that help readers further enhance their language skills.

Our Staff

Jan Wolicki

Deputy editor-in-chief
Martyna Lekan

Editorial assistants
Amelia Anielska-Mazur
Joanna Łukasiewicz
Julia Nowakowska                                                                                                                          

Graphic and layout design
Martyna Lekan
Julia Nowakowska

Amelia Anielska-Mazur, Alicja Błażejczyk, Daria Fruń, Gabriela Gawłowska, Kazimierz Kwiatek, Martyna Lekan, Joanna Łukasiewicz, Maria Mucha, Julia Nowakowska, Weronika Piebiak, Karolina Tomczak, Wiktoria Wiśniewska, Jan Wolicki, Jasmīne Zīle

Editorial and linguistic supervision
Anna Treger, MA, and the Maria Grzegorzewska University Professor Bronisław Treger, PhDWe extend our gratitude to the Rector of the Maria Grzegorzewska University, Professor Barbara Marcinkowska, for her support and contribution to subsidising the printing of this magazine.


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