CEEPUS mobility – visit of Croatian professor Adrijana Višnjić-Jevtić

Aktualizacja: 08-04-2024

Asst. Ph.D. sc Adrijana Višnjić-Jevtić stayed from 3 to 21 March 2024 at CEEPUS mobility within the network M-PL-1809-01-2324-M-176134 – CARP (Croatia, Albania, Romania, Poland) Coalition for Accessible Research Policy in Warsaw (Poland) at Maria Grzegorzewska University as part of the Janusz Korczak UNESCO Chair at the Institute of Education.

During her stay at the University, Assoc. Ph.D. sc. Višnjić Jevtić taught classes in early and preschool pedagogy for preschool and primary education students.

Contact with students and understanding of their perspectives on educational issues contributed to the co-construction of knowledge. Given that it is a question of a different approach to the education of experts, it was possible to observe different levels of connection between theory and practice with regard to the prior knowledge of students, and interest in certain topics concerning the globalization of education.

In cooperation with colleagues, opportunities were created for the exchange of experiences in teaching approaches, methods and activities that may be interesting to students.

Here is more on the home page of the university of Prof. Višnjić Jevtić: University of Zagreb in Croatia: https://www.ufzg.unizg.hr/2024/04/ceepus-mobilnost/



Opublikowano: 08-04-2024