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Read news about the launch of the Attune at the University: here


It is a program carried out online, which offers the participants the possibility of contributing to the fight against climate change through simple actions in daily life.

In the links that we indicate below, you can enroll in the program and begin to put into practice a series of recommendations to minimize the impact of your daily activities on the environment. It is free and you will have at your disposal a series of manuals and questionnaires with which you will be able to reflect and modify your consumption habits and also check your evolution. And all this just by adapting some of your daily routines.

Activate+ encourages you to work on 4 key areas:
1) Food
2) Water
3) Energy 
4) Waste 

The Maria Grzegorzewska University has launched the ATTUNE initiative (Activate the University for Climate Change) developed with the support of the EU through the program ERASMUS. Its objective is to improve the efficiency in the use of resources and reduce the negative impact of our daily activities on climate change, while promoting the circular and local economy.


First register with your name and email, as indicated below. Once registered, you will have access to the first quiz about Food. After answering, you will be able to download the first manual

Subsequently, every 7 days the next topic will be activated and you will receive an email with the link to the following questionnaire and after filling it in you will access the second manual. So consecutively until completing the 4 issues.

Finally you will receive a link to complete the final questionnaire and thus know what your contribution is to the fight against climate change.

The second part of the programme will consist of stationary workshops, details of which are coming soon. Participation in the second part of the programme is not required. However, to participate in the second part of the programme, you will need to have completed the first part online.


First of all, you will have managed to collaborate with thousands of people to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, helping to improve the situation of the planet.

In addition, personally, you will have contributed to solving problems such as climate change, social inequalities, the improvement of the local economy,... and closer aspects such as your own health and your finances...

Those who complete the Program will have their participation will receive a certificate.



NOTE: Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your password. IF after a while you see that it has not arrived, check your SPAM folder.

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