Our researcher wins an EU action grant for combatting addictions to methamphetamine

Dr Magdalena Rowicka, researcher from the Maria Grzegorzewska University became a Project Lead for the Polish part of "IMPRESA" project funded by EU under: JUST-2019-AG-DRUGS (action grants to support transnational projects in the area of EU drugs policy).


Methamphetamine use is currently spreading in the EU, whereas prevention efforts remain limited and inconsistent. Moreover, we lack a sound understanding what works, in which context, when and specifically for whom, when it comes to tackling methamphetamine use. This multidisciplinary, translational project aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the translation processes of best practice prevention of methamphetamine use. It therefore supports the DG JUSTICE work programme priority of “practical application of drug-related research, and, in particular, addiction research with a view of addressing current challenges and new threats”. Furthermore, it addresses action no. 29b of the EU Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020 aiming to “strengthen the cooperation to tackle the rising trend of stimulant addiction, in particular methamphetamine, between relevant government bodies and the NGO sector, focusing on creating and sharing best practices in preventing the spread from local epidemics ”. To reduce methamphetamine related harm across Europe and to contribute to preventing a further spread of the methamphetamine epidemic, the project will provide an effective knowledge transfer model for all affected regions in the EU.