16th UNESCO JK Chair International Summer School 2023

Researching Social Inclusion, Political Discourse, Policy, and Education


The International Summer School will take place 12-22nd of September 2023 at the Maria Grzegorzewska University (APS) and at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), our partner institution.

Researching Social Inclusion, Political Discourse, Policy, and Education 2023

In line with the key principles guiding UNESCO call for action, the 16th International Summer School seeks to promote innovative thinking and active response to the major contemporary global challenges.
Inspired by the vision of the 2030 Agenda and the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 4 aimed at ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all, we seek to stimulate and promote an interdisciplinary dialogue. Emphasis will be placed in political discourses, social policies, education and human rights; all of them crucial for building more inclusive and sustainable societies.

Recognizing intercultural diversity and fostering inclusive language and discourses is also central to achievement of social inclusion. Education as a global public good is a driver of inclusion and resilience, and it’s essential to meet the needs of children, youths and minorities, who are disproportionally affected by conflicts and all kinds of violence, including hate speech. Educators’ wellbeing will also be addressed, since it’s fundamental for building capacities to respond to many current disruptions and ensure that no one is left behind.

At the heart of the protection and promotion of quality education is the notion of Global Citizenship Education (GCE), and its three core elements, defined by UNESCO as: a shared sense of humanity, respect for diversity and solidarity. Their importance was earlier recognized by the pioneer of special education in Poland, Maria Grzegorzewska (1887-1967), who is also a founder of our university and a powerful voice for child rights of children and adults with disabilities; and by Janusz Korczak (1878-1942), a visionary of the development of children’s rights and childhood studies.

We wait for you in the beautiful city of Warsaw to address the complexity of today’s challenges, share knowledge, promote dialogue and strengthen international cooperation.


What we offer:

The 12 day program will include workshops, lectures and a research project with opportunity to present at the two-day closing event – International Mid-term ESA RN10 conference that will take place on 21-22.09.2023* Weekend programme will include city walks with tasks.

Participation in the Summers School Programme is free for participants.

Participants will receive certificate of recognition as the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair Fellows 2023.

Subject to positive review process we will offer opportunity to publish research findings from the summer school proceedings in one of our journals or the UNESCO JK Chair book series.

Daily schedule comprises methodology and research toolkits, workshops and lectures, working on individual research project dedicated to combatting hate speech, islamophobia and other ‘isms’, in mindfulness of Global Citizenship Education and Education for Peace.

The Summer School is co-funded by the European Commission under the EMPATHY: Challenging discourse about Islam and Muslims in Poland, EU funded project: 101049389 CERV-2021-EQUAL

Please take the following steps to register:

1. Express your interest in participating by email directed to unescochair@aps.edu.pl – please include your contact details, academic title or the highest degree, affiliation, research field, research interests, and acknowledgment included below** ;

2. Register an abstract if you wish to present at the ESA RN10 Conference as an active participant https://konferencje.aps.edu.pl/soe/

3. When you receive confirmation that you have been accepted start planning your journey, health insurance, VISA if required and your accommodation in Warsaw (we can provide some recommendations based on your budget).

4. Arrive in Warsaw on 11th or latest on the 12th of September 2023 in order to join us.

Available fellowship places are limited to 30 scholars. If we receive more applications, we will act on the first to register first to be accepted basis. 


Provisional Schedule

Day 1  - Tuesday 12.09 APS

10.00 am – 16.00



Instructions and Information Packs.

Introductory lecture.

How to do it? Research workshop.

Day 2 – Discourse Analysis in practice at APS


Day 3 - Researching minority issues at PAS


Day 4  - Language and Discourse at PAS


Saturday/Sunday – Day 5 and 6 

Cultural days – city tours to choose from:

In Korczak’s footsteps,

Traces of Islam in Warsaw,

People’s Republic Socrealism and PRL history . 

Day 7 Monday 18.09 – Minority issues at PAS


Day 8 - Creative writing at PAS


Day 9 – Outcomes and Progress at APS


Draft presentations of research concepts and findings 


Prof. Dr. Taiwo Afolabi keynote address

"Theatre for cultural and religious diversity”


Day 10 Thursday 21.09 at APS


International ESA RN 10 Conference: Sociology of Education: Wellbeing and Resilience in the Times of Crisis - Part I

Day 11  Friday 22.09 at APS


International ESA RN 10 Conference: Sociology of Education: Wellbeing and Resilience in the Times of Crisis – Part II

16.00-17.00 Summer School Evaluation

Day 12

Project evaluation and departure


*Presentation at the main event is subject to successful abstract submission here:

and subject to covering the registration fee of 10-50 euro depending on the country bound. If you participate without a presentation, you should still register and will receive conference attendance certificate but as a summer school participant you are exempt from the passive participation fee. Register here: https://konferencje.aps.edu.pl/soe/


** I acknowledge that I commit to take part in the programme and to fill in the evaluation form at the end of the programme. I acknowledge that to receive fellowship certificate I should engage in all activities, including research tasks during the summer school. I am aware that organizers do not cover travel, accommodation, subsistence, health insurance nor VISA costs but may provide letter of invitation and confirmations required in the VISA process. I declare that I will obtain relevant health insurance for the duration of my travel and my stay.

Link to last year’s summer school: https://galeria.aps.edu.pl/index.php?/category/letnia-szkola-summer-school-20220522-0604

Scientific and Organizing Committee


Prof. Anna Odrowaz-Coates

Prof. Katarzyna Gorak-Sosnowska

Dr Magdalena Lemańczyk

Prof. Anna Perkowska-Klejman

Dr Cecilia Zsogon

Dr Ewa Dąbrowa

Dr Marta Kulesza

Dr Katarzyna Szostakowska

Dr Grażyna Chrostowska-Juszczyk

Dr Magdalena Roszak